Fisherman conference : AGENDA

September 10th

8h30-9h15 Registration of participants
9h15-9h45 Welcome by authorities and conference opening
9h45-10h00 Objectives of the conference

Ester Boldrini, University of Alicante-FISHERMAN project

10h00-10h45 Invited talk: Official vs. reconstructed marine fisheries catches I the Western Indian Ocean: what we can learn from the discrepancy

Dr. Daniel Pauly, Professor & Principal Investigator, Sea Around Us, Fisheries Centre, The University of British Columbia

10h45-11h15 COFFEE
11h15-13h15 Session I: Biology and ecology of marine resources

(6 presentations of 15’ + few minutes for questions)

  • Assessment of potential halieutic resources and propositions of climate variability adaptation in the deep southern Madagascar, by Mahatante Tsimanao Raty Paubert from Fisheries and Marine Sciences Institute of Toliara University, Madagascar
  • Mesoscale Eddies and Tuna Fish Distribution and Availability in Mozambique EEZ, Mozambique Channel, by Halace de Pedro Celestino Manhice from the School of marine and Costal Science
  • Analysis of environmental parameters effects on the spatial and temporal dynamics of tropical tuna in the EEZ of Madagascar: coupling remote sensing and catch data, by John Bemiasa from University of Tulear / Institut Halieutique et des Sciences Marines
  • Spatio-temporal models for a marine spatial planning in fisheries, Jose María Bellido from Instituto Español de Oceanografía. Murcia Oceanography Centre
  • Size structure and gear selectivity of target species in the multispecies multigear fishery of the Kenyan South coast, by Paul Tuda from Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Ecology, Bremen
13h15-14h30 LUNCH
14h30-16h30 Session II: Management and conservation of marine resources

(6 presentations of 15’+ few minutes for questions)

  • Global footprint (intensity of fishing activity based on FishSpecktrum global UVI fishing fleet database and related AIS data, by Roberto Mielgo from FishSpektrum
  • Sustainable Management of South West Madagascar Octopus Fishery, by Xavier Vincke from Blue Ventures, Madagscar
  • Characterization of Sea Cucumbers Management in Tanzania, by Twalibu Kithakeni Mmbaga from University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Quelles informations pur une réglementation adaptative de la pêche du crabe de palétuvier â Madagascar? by Marc Leopold from Institut de recherche pour le développement, France
  • Petroleum production in symbiosis with fisheries? by Prof. Bilstad from University of Stavanger
  • L’écocertification del a pêche crevettère, by M. Ralison Andrianirina, from Groupement des Aquaculteurs et Pêcheurs de Crevettes de Madagascar
16h30-17h30 Poster session (20 posters approx.)


September 11th

8h30h-10h30 Continuation of Session II: Management and conservation of marine resources

(6 presentations of 15’+ few minutes for questions)

  • Marine Protected Areas: A long-term investment in biodiversity and sustainable exploitation of resources, by Alfonso A. Ramos Esplá from the University of Alicante
  • Closed areas for fisheries management: How much is enough? by José Luis Sánchez Lizaso from the University of Alicante
  • Ten Years of Learning in Velondriake, by Guy Celestin Rakotovao from Blue Ventures Conservation, London
  • MIHARI: Networking coastal communities in Madagascar, by Riambatosoa Rakotondrazafy Andriamampandry from MIHARI LMMA Network
  • The good, the bad, and the unspoken: an analysis of Madagascar’s foreigh fishing access agreements, by Mialy Zanah Andriamahefazafy from Blue Ventures Conservation, Madagascar
  • Towards developing governance strategies for sustainable management of small-scale fisheries in Madagascar, through the implementation of a marine Gelose, by Riambatosoa Rakotondrazafy Andriamampandry from MIHARI LMMA Network


10h30-11h00 COFFEE
11h00-13h00 Continuation of Session II: Management and conservation of marine resources

6 Presentations from other sessions or subjects

(6 presentations of 15’ + few minutes for questions)

  • Initiatives of landing discarded by -catch from commercial shrimp trawlers at a social, economic and environmental feasible manner. The case of Sofala Bank, Mozambique, by Eurico Pereira Morais from Instituto Nacional de Investigaçāo Pesqueira, Mozambique

Session III: Economic and Social Assessment of fisheries

  • Le rôle potential de l’économie pour l’aide à la gestion des pêches et ressources halieutiques nationales. Applications á quelques examples malgaches, by Chaboud Christian from IRD-CNRS-Ifremer-Université Montpellier
  • Participatory assessment of small-scale fishery in the mangroves of Ambanja Bay, North-western Madagascar, Tonganandrasana Marian André Ralaivelo from Blue Ventures Conservation, London
  • Socio-Economy Assessment of Artisanal Shrimp Fishery of the Malindi Ungwana Bay, by Horace Owiti Onyango from Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute
  • Esprit entrepreneurial: une piste de solution pour l’instauration de la notion de durabilité dans la pêcherie traditionnelle au Sud de Toliara, by Serge Solo from WWF MWIOPO, Madagascar
  • OPAGAC and the IOTC: Going beyond regional management to achieve sustainability of markets, fishermen, and tuna stocks, Miguel Herrera, Organización de productos asociados de grandes atuneros congeladores, Madrid, Spain.
13h00-14h00 LUNCH
14h00-15h00 Session IV: Education & Training on Fisheries new

  • The Importance of Internationalisation for Fisheries Education Teresa Cerveira Borges from, University of Algarve, Centre of Marine Sciences
  • L’Ecole d’été australe internationale VulPare: retour d’expérience sur un apprentissage interdisciplinaire sur la vulnérabilité du patrimoine récifal. Mahafina Jamal University of Toliara
  • Capacity building for sustainable Fisheries Management in the Southwest Indian Ocean: The Fisherman Project, by Ester Boldrini from the University of Alicante
  • M. Michel de San, SMARTFISH project
15h00-17h00 Round table: Education & Training on Fisheries

Teresa Borges, University of Algarve – moderator

Christian Ralijaona, Ministry of Higher Education and Research of Madagascar

Jean Jacques Rasamoel, Ministry of Fisheries, Madagascar

Man Wai, University of Toliara

Rondolph Payet, Indian Ocean Tuna Commission

Representative of private sector (Indian Ocean Trepang, Copefrito)

Representative AUF (Association of French Universities)

M. Michel de San, SMARTFISH project

17h00-17h30 Conference wrap up/summary and closure

Representative Ministry of Education -> Representative Ministry Fisheries -> º (closes & introduces Conference 2016 in MZ) – Exact dates and place for Conference 2016 should be already been decided (or presented as proposal dates).

Eulalie Ranaivoson, University of Toliara, Madagascar


Download a .pdf version of the Agenda : FisherMan-Regional Conference Agenda

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