Ranomasina 6, english version

For the first time … the quarterly newsletter of IH.SM, RANOMASINA, is published in english.

Many people asked us for this english version. With the support of our partner, Blue Ventures, we will ensure to publish both version from this n°6.

In this issue:

2- Megaptera novaeagliae: 34 new Marine Science Technicians

3- 20 new Fisheries Scientists, the first of the new millennium

4- IH.SM at Belo sur Tsiribihina, researching new aquaculture potential

6- Pushing the boundaries: Experimental fish farms in villages

8- Climate change, adapt or disappear

10- The IH.SM, it’s also about young people: The AGE programme

Enjoy reading it, and see you next October for a new issue.

Page 1 of Ranomasina
Page 1 of Ranomasina

Ranomasina 6_T6-2015_VE (normal quality, 20Mo)

Ranomasina 6_T6-2015_VE_light (light version – low quality of images, 1.2 Mo)


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