Ranomasina 8 : Super El Niño 2015-2016, Bad forecast news for Madagascar ?


Two years have passed since the first issue of Ranomasina. Two years during which you have always been there to follow and read with attention and with interest the series of Ranomasina issue that is the only newsletter devoted entirely to training, research and other activities closely related to the sea and fisheries resources in Madagascar. All the team of IHSM, the University of T oliara and everyone who contributed directly or indirectly to the conception and edition of this newsletter present the acknowledgement to the readership of Ranomasina for their support by reading and following all of the issues. For this 8th issue we present some dark aspect of the sea and Oceans: El Niño phenomena. This phenomenon is relatively unknown for the general public. However, it may cause more significant changes in their daily life. Do you realize that the incessant rain in Antananarivo and in all the rest of Madagascar, with the exception of the extreme south that burns more and more in the heat are the effects of this phenomenon? Do you know that fishermen will meet a huge trouble in finding fisheries resources such as fish? Our colleagues try to explain this phenomenon in this latest issue. In fact, the latest issue of Ranomasina is talking about climate change issue and research activities that focused on understanding the change in marine community. This issue talks also about the voice of the young who met the day before the 21st Conference Of Parties (COP21) in Paris, the report of the participation of the researchers in the international conference and their research projects such as fish identification, monitoring the spawning area of sea turtles, soft corals identification …

Dear Ranomasina readership, this newsletter is devoted to you. Thank you again for your support and ENJOY YOUR READING.

Dr. T. LAVITRA, Head of Institution


In this issue:

3. COP21 and COY11, the young people raise their voices

4. 9th Biennial Symposium WIOMSA, over 20 presentations
approved for


5. Sea turtles: nesting beaches survey in Nosy Hara Park

6. Identification guide for the early life stage of fish

10. From mangrove surface to crabs, the decrease is clear


Download the PDF file: Ranomasina 8_T4-2015 – EN_light

Read all the Ranomasina issues here http://fr.calameo.com/account/book

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